Trying new things,wy not.

This will be just a try out for me.

I was having problems sending pictures.

So my friend Chris was nice enough to come over

and give me a lesson and for that I am really great full.

This will really add to my fun off writing on my blog.

I would love to share my love of photography.

so here it go’s.


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Hello From Townsend

Hey Everyone,

Blogging 101 With Chris & Jerry. Learning How to Post Images of my Photo Masterpieces

Blackbird Sings

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What is photography?

Is this a silly question ?
Some people may think so ,I for one take it seriously.
For one thing I consider photography as an art.
Photography was described to me as painting with light.
If you have had the pleasure to photograph people for instance
you will realize the importances of light in order to bring out the caracter
of the person . It is hard to show sadness in a face that is lit with light
strait on as we do in model lighting for it washes away all personality.
So when we do photography we will have to give a lot of thought to
what sort of light we use, and I am not talking about over or under exposing.
When I thought photography ,not as a real teacher but as a hobby,
people would come to me and say I took a course in photography
but I got lost in aperture, shutter speed and how the two work together.
One must understand these two tools in order to understand how
exposure works
If you want to talk to me about this let me know in the comments space .

For the next two weeks I will not be writing because I am going sailing .
We hope to leave Pasadena .M. USA on Friday follow the Eastern coast
to New York City than on to lake Ontario destination Hamilton.
So if this column is some what un organized it is due to my excitement
this will be one of my greatest adventures in my photography carrier.
So wish me luck and I will keep a log of our trip and share some of it with you.
I do not own a sail boat I was gracelessly invited and I am very gratefull
for the opportunity.
So ahoy until the next time Jerry.

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Life go’s on

Yes life thus go on ,I been wanting to write every day this week.
Only to find my self buried in projects helping here and helping there.
It is not that I am complaining , one gets old doing nothing and who wants to get old?.
Last week we talked a bid about me well that did not take long did it?
When I became a member of a photo club I realized how little I knew
and became even more interested in the art of photography.
This is were I decided to take a course in photography as I told you before
nature was going to be my studio .
Something real neat happen we had to do every aspect of photography including
the subject I did not want to do, people and weddings .
The truth of the matter is I fell in love with people photography ,
who would have ever believed this would happen.
Nature is still up near the top of my priorities but portraiture tops them all.
In my basement I built a dark room , now I could do any thing from 3x4th to 16x 20th.
My love is black and white film dark room developing.
And am a little sad now that every thing is digital in my view it ain’t the same ,I have not been able to get these deep black and white photographs I so love.
Right now I am thinking of buying a new printer with ten ink wells hoping it may solve my problem.
When I became a member of a black and white photo club one had to have his own dark
room in order to become a member .
One night two lady’s walked in wanting to learn about photography they were very disappointed
when told they could not become members with out haven a dark room .
So I told them you tell him that you have every thing in place , they said what do you mean?
My dark room is available to you at any time I told them and this is were my friend ship with
Francine began and we have learned a lot from each other and done many weddings to gather.
Photography is a beautiful thing you can share with many people .
I f you have questions please ask and I will try and help you out.
Soon I hope to show you some pictures My files are to big as of now .
so until next time happy shooting .

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Well here we are again I know that some of you looked at my last bloc.
and I thank you for it .
Today I would like to say some thing about photography and why it means so much to me.
I was second in a family of ten had my first part time job when I was six, you will most like say to your self, o here comes one of those up hill with ten feet of snow walking to school story’s.
Not what I have in mind, to know a person you need to know something about him.
Fact is I lived in a very loving family we were just poor that’s all . Nothing wrong with that .
It was early in life when I found out that you can not have things for free you have to work for it.
I did not do well in school and began to really dislike it ,I ripped up my report card it was an embarrassment to me as well as my parents ,so when I was fourteen I was hired out to a farmer long days little money. At the age of eighteen I emigrated to Canada .Married a wonderful girl
at twenty, we have four great children. And are still haply married .

Over the years I tried out different things took an art course, corresponding. There were different things I would see sometimes on the street other times in nature but could not express my self in words as to how I felt . About thirty years ago my wife and two teen aged boys and me of course
went for a two week trip to the Mari time’s The two boy,s spent most of the time traveling under a blanked playing games on their little hand held game boy .

My oldest son loved photography and had a Canon with removable lenses. He insisted I take it with me , well to tell you the truth I was totally intimidated by this monster , somewhere along the route the camera indicated that it was full so now what?
I took it to a store and asked for a roll of film ,what would you like he said , my reply ,a roll of film.
finally I gave him the camera and told him to put in what ever was in there at present .

When we arrived home after our trip my son said, Dad you don’t know any thing about the workings of this camera but some how you do know what a good picture looks like I am impressed.

I went and bought a used camera to practices on ,soon I had to move to something some what more advance a new SLR.
I had been bit by the magic of photography I was totally hooked but also realized that I had much to learn .
One thing I really love is nature and this would be my studio , I would stay away from people photography like the plague it totally scared my .My confidence level has never been very high.
Next I joined a photo club” B and W” this is were I met Francine .
At the same time I took a corresponding course in photography.
Where did all this lead to ?
Read my next bloc and you will find out .

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A new day in my life.

Well you may think this to be funny  but this is somehow like dr Phil would say a changing day in my life.

It is because I have some wonderful friends through photography , who encourage me to reach for new levels

Francine has been a real friend to me for years as together we would travel from Cambridge to London rain or shine we would go to the London photo club looking for in put  to enrich our knowledge in photography.

Chris come in to the picture later on with an abundance of knowledge in computers and the like  and I am very great full to both of them for giving me there advice and encouragement.

So here I am starting a bloc I shall try not to boor you,  I will try to write about things close to my heart.

If you see spelling mistakes don’t get to worked up about them, English is a self thought language .

My loves consist of the following God, Family, Country, nature, friends and photography.

This is just an introduction to who I am, in future I will expand on the above items .

And I am hoping for your feet back.

Hoping that this new venture will be an exiting one for all of us.


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Second Post To My New Blog

Hello New Word of Blogging

This is my new pet project with Chris & Francine..


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Introducing Jerry Van Dyk

I’m writing this first entry on behalf of my dear friend Jerry Van Dyk.

Let me introduce you to a man who has taught me so much about photography and true friendship. Jerry is a man who is not only talented a photographer but he is also, a Loving Husband to Freda, Amazing father, Wonderful Uncle, Caring Grandfather, Brother and a good friend to many.

I met Jerry Van Dyk 12 years ago while visiting a black and white photo club in Cambridge Ontario. He knew I had this love of photography and he was willing to take me under his wing and teach me as much as he knows. Jerry mentored me to the person I am today and that I am very grateful for. My future completely changed for the better when Jerry and his wife Freda came into my life. I believe God sent me both of them to make me stronger and a better person.

I hope Jerry can touch your life as he touched mine.

Soon Jerry will post his first post and have some photography to share.

Francine Bayley

I have convinced Jerry to start a blog because I thought it would be a good way for him to share his outstanding photography and thoughts with his family and friends.


Gift for you Jerry.

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